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THE FADE & TAPER .102 ( 3 CE Hours )

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THE FADE & TAPER .102 (Individual Study Course)
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3 CE Hours Cosmetology

Earn CE Hours Through Text & Video Content
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Course Objective:
The purpose of this course is to supply information on two haircuts known as the low-fade and the skin taper. The information will provide the participant with a better understanding of clipper cutting to achieve a well-executed low-fade haircut and skin taper haircut. The participant will be introduced to some of our latest techniques in clipper cutting.

Learning objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

• Describe how to choose and handle the correct tool for the job
• Explain why client consultation is key to the total outcome of the haircut
• Identify the differences between fade and taper haircuts
• Explain how and where to begin a low fade haircut
• Explain how and where to begin a skin taper haircut
• Explain how to successfully remove and avoid lines of demarcation
• Describe how to apply techniques for add on services

Course by: Nieves Almaraz

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